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Introducing Renew Labs — easy to follow guides for our customers

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2021-03-10Written by Robert Williams

Because our platform is built using open-source languages, the possibilities as to what you can do with it are endless. However, in insurance pricing there are some common things that our users want to build. Which is why we’ve put together Renew Labs. Housed on our platform, it’s filled with easy-to-follow guides for our customers so they can benefit from our experience in delivering models. The instructions enable anyone to make truly bespoke pricing models, without needing to reinvent the wheel each time. This forms part of our commitment to comprehensive training and ongoing support.

What can I learn?

Renew Labs contains a number of different how-to guides. The guides themselves are simple walk-throughs which cover a range of different topics, including:

· Creating a quote document in Renew

· Optimising your python code to work with large data volumes such as in Property rating

· Automated testing and reconciliation approaches

The guides are handily indexed for you, so you can quickly find the right topic.

Easy instructions for complex models

Where can I find Renew Labs?

Renew Labs are found in your Renew platform. Simply head to your Documentation tab in the Developer Portal. Here you will also find our full training guide and Renew Connect (our ecosystem of data and insight partners).

Are you missing an important guide?

Renew Labs is a place where the Renew model builder community can share their knowledge and experience to the benefit of other users. We are very happy to include examples from our user community (with due credit provided as needed!) so please get in touch with us if you’ve done something cool that you would like to share!

We’re always expanding the walkthroughs you can find in Renew Labs. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, get in touch with our customer support team either in-platform, or by emailing us.

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