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2021-02-03Written by Amrit Santhirasenan

Introducing CEO Amrit Santhirasenan's new podcast series, Start-Up Dads. Featuring interviews with industry leading entrepreneur parents and sharing lessons and advice.

There’s a well-known saying that the hardest thing to do in life is raise a child. Equally, there’s no shortage of quotes about how tough it is to start your own business. So, what do you do if both of these things happen at once? In my case, I chose to sensibly add to my workload by starting a podcast.

2020 has been a momentous year. I welcomed my first child, Evie, along with all of the excitement, nervousness, planning (and at the same time complete lack of preparation) that having a child entail. Simultaneously, 2020 saw real traction for hx, as we welcomed some of our largest clients on board and nearly doubled the team size. Understandably, the learning curve was more vertical line than gentle slope. However, what I noticed is that parenting and start-ups have a lot in common and each can teach you about the other.

Start-up Dads podcast creator, Amrit Santhirasenan

The idea for Start-up Dads began as a way of sharing many of the things that I have learned over the past year. Thanks to the help of Fascinate Productions, the podcast has evolved now to include insights and chats from fellow start-up parents, to become something of a community. The series was launched early this week and is accompanied by a Linkedin group where we can all share advice, support (and probably numerous hilarious videos of our kids refusing to eat vegetables).

Because Start-up Dads is a community, I also welcome your ideas for topics, and inspiration. If you want to feature in an episode, or know of a challenge that you found tough (or rewarding!) then share it on the Start-up Dads Linkedin page or tweet our handle @startupdadspod. The podcast itself can be found on Apple or Spotify and will release a new episode each week.

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