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Welcome to the team, Alex Catterall!

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2021-07-21Written by Matt Doe

We've worked hard to build a team of caring, enthusiastic and intelligent individuals at hx, and we're excited to announce that Alex Catterall is the latest member of that team.

Alex is our first Project Manager and will be essential in integrating oversight and customer service delivery into every stage of our processes as we grow. In his first few weeks alone, he has researched and introduced our new project management software and been the touchpoint for one of our largest customers. Clearly, Alex is someone who can hit the ground running. 

Alex's journey into Project Management began through an IBM graduate scheme. Having initially managed technology and migrations projects, Alex went on to work with the Lloyds Banking Group in various project manager roles, on behalf of IBM. The majority of this work involved complex migrations to cloud based environments. As such, Alex has a unique insight into how to support large enterprise clients as they test and roll out new SaaS tools in a streamlined way. It's no surprise we were excited to bring him on board... 

Fitting in to the hx team 

Project Managers play such a central role in the functioning of a team, that it can be difficult to find the right mix of skills and personality. So it's with some pride that we say Alex already feels like he's been working with us forever. Like all hx’ers, Alex is highly motivated, has great attention to detail and is kind and supportive of his other teammates. He's also taken upon himself this year to begin an adventure into vegetable gardening so we're fairly sure that he's going to be a perfect addition to office lunches when we can all return safely. 

So what attracted Alex to hx? In his own words:

“As soon as I saw the role being advertised, I knew that hx was the place for me, what I saw was a company with an incredibly exciting future and a great product but most importantly fantastic values and brilliant people at its core. The interview process was excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of the team throughout. It was clear that hx was an exciting place to work, somewhere to solve complex problems, and a place where everyone is valued. The passion and dynamism of the team, coupled with the opportunity to shape the futures of both hx and our clients made joining the team a no brainer!”

Why we're excited to welcome Alex on board 

One of our biggest challenges in the coming years will be in continuing to deliver the same high quality of work our customers expect of us. We are moving from a start-up to a scale up phase following our Series A funding which means it is important to implement processes and robust communication methods. In doing so we can ensure consistency and quality, no matter how many underwriters and actuaries we are supporting. Alex will be essential in designing and delivering those processes.

Here's what our Head of Customer Engagement, Rob Williams, had to say on hiring Alex:

“Alex has made an incredible impression in his first few months. He's been a driving force behind harmonising processes across the company. In turn, he has been able to develop granular project data so that the team can deliver more and at a higher quality.   

More generally, Alex is a pleasure to work with and is always incredibly patient even when faced with complex customer requirements or busy engineers (and managers!)” 

Welcome aboard Alex! 

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