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Welcome to the team, Lucy Szypula!

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2021-09-20Written by Aimee Pearcy

We check in with new joiner Lucy Szypula, who is joining the Talent & Community team as Talent Partner

The talent and community team forms the backbone of any start-up. They are responsible for bringing on board the people that ultimately build your product and send it out into the world. But it’s not just about finding people who can create and ship a product – it's also about finding the right fit (as anyone who has worked with an awful colleague will know).  

So you can imagine how excited we were to welcome our most recent hire in Talent & Community, Lucy Szypula, to our team to work as our Talent Partner here at hx. 

After working as the Technical Recruitment Lead for a small start-up, Lucy realised how much she loved working in an environment where you have a real voice. A couple of months ago, she decided she was ready for her next career move. Luckily for us, she chose to start her new adventure here at hx

Fitting into the hx team 

We needed someone who could find enthusiastic, curious candidates who will reflect hx’s culture and values and support their teammates. In her previous role, Lucy grew her startup team from four to thirty-five in a few short years. She recruited everything from highly technical positions to ops and executives. We’re excited for her to use her skills to meet our own hiring challenges.  

Since our recent Series A investment with Highland Europe, we have been growing rapidly. This means that we will need to find even more amazing people like Lucy, whose role will become essential as we expand. Thankfully, Lucy has hit the ground running. From the very beginning, she has been essential in bringing on board key team hires. Lucy managed the process of expanding our new sales team and is already about to welcome someone on board in the coming weeks as a result of her hard work.

Here’s what Lucy had to say on why she decided to join us at hx:

“I joined hx because it’s a place of truly brilliant and caring people who constantly seek to level up. The balance between being challenged and supported at the same time it’s how I feel it should be at every company.  

I liked the vision and values from the very first conversation and I was so excited to even think about the possibility of being part of this journey.” 

Why we’re excited to welcome Lucy on board  

We knew that Lucy would be a valuable addition to the team from the beginning. Our Head of Community, Matt Doe, has been delighted with her drive and nuance when it comes to finding and improving the quality of candidates at hx. Here’s what he had to say:

"Lucy is a fantastic addition to our team and a true hxer. She is a hugely positive influence and a real team player, and has already introduced significant improvements to our ways of working in just her first few months. 

Right from my first interview with Lucy it was clear that she is dedicated to learning - not just within Talent/People but also technology. This passion to develop her own skillset coupled with her thoughtful, innovative approach to her work has seen her fit in brilliantly and she is already well established here and held in high regard by colleagues in our team and the wider business. 

Great to have you aboard, Lucy!" 

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