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Welcom to the hx team, Neel Chotai!

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2021-03-25Written by Matt Doe

We are delighted to announce our latest arrival in Product Engineering…introducing Junior Engineer, Neel Chotai!

Neel joins us fresh-faced having graduated with a first in Computer Science from the University of York. He is adjusting to life at hx well, although morning stand-ups are still tough given that he is used to doing his best R&D between 2am-5am! Definitely one of our team’s night owls.

We’ve already learned a lot about Neel; he has built his own mechanical keyboard, he likes MMA and, going by his exploits at Social Gaming, he has proved through the mediums of Coup and Among Us that he is a master of deception and not to be trusted. Clearly, the perfect addition to the team!

Fitting in to the hx team

Truly great teams form the foundation of any successful business and this is why we put so much effort into searching for such passionate, kind and thoughtful people to join the hx family.. Teams that support each other and collaborate with one another motivate creativity, which in turn makes working life far more enjoyable. Neel fits this perfectly so along with his boundless enthusiasm, curiosity and problem-solving ability. We are confident he is going to have a long and exciting future ahead of him at hx.

A word from Neel on why he decided to join hx:

“I’m pretty sure I knew I wanted to be at hx immediately after seeing the Choose Your Own Adventure interview process. I was very quickly raving about it to friends of mine instead of lamenting industry standard boring, archaic, mechanical procedures that don’t really tell you anything about a candidate/company.

"Every single step along the way reinforced my initial assumption, from hearing Tom talk about hx implementing industry leading tech to deciding the pitfalls of brain-computer interfaces: hx just does things differently.”

Another addition to the hx Engineering team!

Here’s what our CTO, Tom Clark, had to say on hiring Neel:

“From the moment I read Neel’s answers to the ‘twenty questions’ stage of our choose-your-own-adventure hiring process I was sure he’d be part of the team. He continued to impress us throughout the interview process (even selecting and then smashing the difficult architecture whiteboarding option for his technical assessment), and I knew it would be a ‘yes’ when one of his interviewers described him as a “mini-Daryl/Adomas/Amrit” (our founding engineers and founder) — high praise indeed.

Since joining us Neel’s managed to exceed even the high expectations we had following his interviews. He’s already made improvements to our onboarding processes, cleaned up product documentation, fixed his first bugs and is influencing the future of the product and our ways of working through our ideation/design sessions. During our daily catchups he’s always excited to share something he’s learned that day, ask a well-considered question or share an astute observation. These sessions guarantee my day ends on a high.

Over the coming weeks and months Neel will be turning his designs into reality and seeing his work benefit our customers and his colleagues — and I for one am deeply excited to see how he gets on!”

Welcome aboard, Neel!

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