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Welcome to the team — Tom Clark (CTO)

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2020-10-05Written by Matt Doe

A technology company is really only as good as its CTO. So, it has been a long and complex process to find someone who can meet the high standards we set at hx. Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve found the perfect person for the job in Tom Clark.

For anyone that lives in the UK, you will all be familiar with Tom’s work already (although you may not know it) as Tom was previously responsible for ITV’s Common Platform — the system that underpins the ITV Hub. Unsurprisingly, designing, building and maintaining such a heavily used piece of technology is no small feat — particularly during World Cup season or the Love Island finale!

hx CTO Tom Clark

Lean development is at the heart of hx, so when we saw Tom’s approach of iteratively integrating open source components with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services we knew he was the right CTO for us. Like Tom, hx believes in constant innovation, and in a way which responds to the evolving needs of our customers.

But listening to customers is only one half of the job of a CTO. We’ve invested a lot of energy and care into how we build our team at hx, and how we encourage everyone working here to meet their full potential. From planning hackathons, to speaking at international conferences, to just automating our office Christmas lights, hx encourages our team beyond the simple 9–5. We’re confident that this mission; to build a team of enthusiastic “smart and kind” techies; is one Tom will excel at. His commitment to a diverse and open workplace is one we believe every business should aspire to.

Welcome to the hx team, Tom!

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