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Introducing Renew

What if even the trickiest data sets could be tamed?

We’ve reimagined the actuarial pricing system from the ground up. By combining actuarial knowledge and technical expertise, we’ve targeted the issues you face day-to-day. The result is Renew - a web-based SaaS platform that’s custom-built for the small, sparse and fragmented datasets that dominate the working life of our clients.

A first for the industry, Renew empowers your team by making it simple for anyone to build and adapt models quickly. It automates non-core but essential activities and brings actuaries and underwriters closer together. Super-fast and agile, it puts best practice pricing and modelling at your fingertips so you can focus on analysis and being your most productive self.

Renew is simple to use

Renew is simple to use

Built with open source technology, our system is user-friendly. With minimal training, even your least tech-savvy people can build and update models, in hours rather than weeks.

Renew is fast & agile

Renew is fast & agile

Automation of everything from formatting to deployment to the web means you can move as fast as your risks and market. And you can adapt things as you go so you always have the optimum system for your business.

Renew is collaborative

Renew is collaborative

By creating a seamless connection between actuarial and underwriting teams, Renew promotes the dialogue you need to achieve really effective pricing. It also enables an iterative approach so it can evolve with your needs over time.

Renew is easy to integrate

Renew is easy to integrate

Working closely with you and our specialist partners, we will seamlessly integrate our software into your actuarial and underwriting workflow. And our ongoing support ensures everything runs smoothly from launch day onwards.

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What can Renew do for you?

Build your own pricing models using open-source languages Python and React within our custom-built integrated development environment.

Benefits at a glance

Your team will love working with Renew and will be building and deploying models in no time

It will transform the way you collaborate as a team and with underwriters

Usage rates will go up and costs will go down, as will your technology risk

Smarter modelling informing your pricing will have an immediate impact on your top and bottom line

Using cutting-edge technology will reflect well on your business and your brand

Renew will help you attract and retain the best talent for your team

You’ll be futureproofed because we constantly evolve our software and service

Renew Connect

As a Renew user, you can also tap into Renew Connect – our ecosystem of data, insight and systems partners. This partnership scheme gives you plug and play access to the best solutions, from enriched data streams to complete workflow platforms or finance and claim services. All backed by a community that’s there to deliver as much support as you need while you integrate and refine your pricing model set-up.

We are delighted to be working with the hx team as a Renew Connect partner. Through this partnership, organisations will now be able to capitalise on our high-resolution, property and risk attribute data to ensure data-driven decision making. We're very much looking forward to helping hx customers to improve their knowledge of locations with a simple yet powerful integration of our technology

Rosina Smith, Head of Client Success, Insurdata

hx are a dynamic and agile company whose leadership have strong domain knowledge of both specialty insurance and technology. Working with them is enabling us to quickly facilitate better underwriting decisions

Sarah Brooks, Portfolio Optimisation, Convex

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