Full Stack Senior Engineer

The challenge

We’re looking for someone who places value on flexibility, an open environment where they can take on responsibility outside of their core, and who enjoys mentoring and coaching other engineers.

An hx engineer has the freedom to, and is expected to make a case for, influencing our technical architecture. If you want to work in a high intensity environment with the very best in the industry, to produce outstanding software, and with a team who like to celebrate their releases – please get in touch!

Essential skills

We don’t expect you to be an expert at all of this – we are looking for experienced engineers with an appetite to support across a varied stack within a tactile team.

  • Mentoring and coaching experience
  • Understands the architectural trade-offs between synchronous (e.g. REST) & asynchronous (e.g. Message Queue MQ) designs
  • Understands how to minimise the potential inconvenience to customers when deploying complex distributed systems
  • Understands the importance of reproducibility when building and testing software, e.g. can judge when to change a version of a package or when to leave it alone
  • Can work with partly and non-technical internal and external stakeholders to gain insight into what software they want, and can then deliver it for them
  • Someone who values working in a high intensity meritocracy
  • Someone who is very strong on Kanban, Extreme Programming, and/or Agile processes
  • You must be able to demonstrate an instance where you have learnt a new language or tool, to solve a customer need or fixed problem

We respect those who work hard, and intensely, like us. We’re not scared to mix our work-life balance – whether that’s hacking on passion projects in the office, or going to meetups outside of work.

Bonus points

  • We like books such as the Pragmatic Programmer and the idea of software craftmanship – and we’re looking for like-minded engineers who are passionate about their craft
  • Experience helping non-technical people produce requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Project management training
  • We typically find that candidates with the level of experience mentoring and coaching which we require for this role will have 5 – 10 years’ experience. But get in touch because we love to be proved otherwise!
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