11th October - 3:30pm onwards (2pm if you are completing certification)

hyperexponential User Group

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Sign up now to join our upcoming user group – it’s your chance to connect with and learn from the wider community of hx Renew model builders.  

This time we’ll be exploring how to measure and optimize the performance of your Python models so you give users the best experience. We’ll also share tools and tips for building high-quality model and approaches for revising existing ones.

  • What makes a high-quality model 

  • Using design thinking to improve model quality 

  • How to optimise code for performance 

  • Approaches for revising existing models Join us at our upcoming user group – a chance to meet and learn from our community of hx Renew model builders.  

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If you have not yet achieved your hx Core Model Developer certification, you also have the option to participate in a pre-user group session where you can take the short exam. If you’re interested, check the box below and we’ll send you more details.  

Spaces for the certification exam are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Event details

Date: 11th October 2023 

Time: 2pm (exam start time) 

Location: etc. Monument 

Afterwards we’ll head over to The Drift for food and drink, giving you more time to network with your peers.  

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  • Antares
  • Conduit RE
  • Convex
  • HDI

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