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Customer story

Conduit Re unlocks data-driven rating decisions and workflow efficiencies with hx Renew

Key results

  • Agile reinsurance rater build and underwriting workflows

  • Enhanced decision intelligence via better data capture

  • Seamless and efficient internal reporting and auditing


Conduit Re sought to swiftly build and refine raters, augment underwriter workflows, and implement data-centric operations to achieve best-in-class underwriting decisions and gain an edge in the market.


hx Renew ticked their boxes: The platform streamlines rater creation, integrating data seamlessly for end-to-end underwriting. API connections with third-party sources and internal tools powers data-rich decisions and faster workflows.


hx Renew empowered Conduit Re with agile raters, advanced analytics, and seamless integration, resulting in enhanced decision intelligence, more accurate account assessments, and efficient audits for informed growth.

About Conduit Re

Conduit Re is a pure-play Bermuda-based reinsurance business with global reach launched in December 2020 following Conduit Holdings Limited, the ultimate parent of Conduit Re, completed a successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange, raising US $1.1 billion.

Conduit Re founders Neil Eckert and Trevor Carvey set out to build a high-quality underwriting franchise across a broad spectrum of underwriting classes in property, specialty, and casualty


As a fast-growing startup, Conduit Re wanted the ability to rapidly develop and iterate its rating landscape, with no tolerance for time-consuming manual processes such as data rekeying.

With a clear vision for data-centric operations and free from any burden of legacy systems, the founders took to the market to find the strongest modern solution for underwriting risks. The priorities were clear: empower underwriters to make the most effective decisions and stand out in a competitive market.  


The team found what they were looking for in hyperexponential's rating and risk assessment platform, hx Renew. The platform enables the fast build and iteration of raters and captures and connects data from across sources to underpin seamless end-to-end underwriting processes.

hx Renew’s integration capabilities were especially appealing: API integrations with third-party data sources and internal tools, such as their policy admin system, would pave the way for enhanced data-driven decisions and faster quote to submission.

“While doing our due diligence on hyperexponential, we realised the company had gone through Lloyd's Lab alongside some other products we were considering and had out-of-the-box integrations with these tools, so it was a natural route for us. We put a lot of faith in the hyperexponential founders and team, and they've delivered.”

Stuart Quinlan, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operations Officer, Conduit Re

Implementation of hx Renew

Conduit Re adopted hx Renew on its launch at the end of 2020, with the hyperexponential field engineering team providing expertise and support to help the teams set up, integrate with internal tools, and begin rater development ahead of the business launch.

"As we focus on developing our cloud-based ecosystem, mainly harnessing the power of leading SaaS providers, we are collaborating with various specialists. Among them, the hyperexponential field engineering team has stood out. We've enjoyed a really good, collaborative relationship and look forward to working even more closely together for the foreseeable future."

Gregory Titterton, Operations Manager, Conduit Re


Agile rating and underwriting workflows

The company currently leverages hx Renew to rate around 85% of its business, with the platform supporting the complexity and size of raters required for modern reinsurers across all lines of business.  The platform’s seamless rating tool release process is giving their underwriters the flexibility to quickly release or roll back a model for further refinement.

“The implementation of our raters in hx Renew has allowed us to react more quickly when making changes to our inflation methodology as well as enabling self-serve updating of parameter tables.”

Andrew Couper, Chief Actuary, Conduit Re

The integration of hx Renew with Conduit Re’s policy administration system and exposure management platform has enabled the team to eliminate rekeying from the underwriter workflow.                        

Advanced data capture and decision intelligence

The rating data for every piece of business underwritten is now being captured through hx Renew. The team use this data to inform more advanced analytics such as rate change reporting by class and the development of benchmark class level loss ratios and development patterns. This feedback loop contributes to more accurate account assessment and data-driven portfolio steering.

"No data put into hx Renew is lost. With Excel, everything gets trapped in a spreadsheet and is unusable in the long run. In hx Renew, we can aggregate all of our rating data, for example, by line of business, and use that to create our development factors. The ability to move a case easily from one year to the next to help with renewing the policy is valuable for the team."

Stuart Quinlan, Conduit Re Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operations Officer

Seamless internal reporting and auditing

Thanks to automated reporting, a built-in audit trail, and full access to all rating data, the team can now quickly gain relevant insights to make better decisions and grow the business.

When going through an internal pricing audit, having hx Renew makes the process very seamless. Our auditors have been pleased, as hx Renew allows them to see the history of every model - every field change and update is recorded in a comprehensive audit trail. This is a built-in feature you can easily forget about daily, but it's always right there when you need it."

Angus Hampton, Head of International Casualty, Conduit Re

What’s next?

Conduit Re and hyperexponential are continuing to collaborate on integrating more third-party systems to further enrich the data and insights behind underwriter decisions. The teams will be working together to unlock even more value from the pricing data captured in hx Renew to continuously sharpen the edge of Conduit Re’s pricing decisions.

"hx Renew has so many features we plan to take even more advantage of in the near future. The renew function especially, allowing us to quickly compare policies with relevant insight to help the renewal decision-making process."

Angus Hampton, Head of International Casualty, Conduit Re