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What if you could be exponentially better at data-driven decision making?

Imagine if you could harness even the most complex, unruly data. If your software was so user-friendly anyone in your team could build advanced pricing models.

If you could instantly work faster, more collaboratively and make brilliantly informed decisions.

Welcome to hyperexponential and our next-generation modelling software, Renew.

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About us
What if actuarial technology was developed by actuaries?
Introducing Renew
What if even the trickiest data sets could be tamed?
hx combines deep industry knowledge and modern software expertise to create a technology firm ideally tuned for the 21st century

Paul Brand, Co-founder, Convex

We have found Renew to be an excellent pricing and underwriting tool. The Python development environment is intuitive and comes with a load of pre-built insurance features – a big step forward from spreadsheet models which took up a lot of actuarial time to maintain.

Samantha Tanner, Chief Actuary, The Channel Syndicate & SCOR

Installing agility and control are two differentiators that lift hx above the rest. The team’s deep domain expertise and passion in solving a problem that’s plagued the industry for years is right at this intersection.

Nigel Walsh, Managing Director of Insurance, Google

hx are a dynamic and agile company whose leadership have strong domain knowledge of both specialty insurance and technology. Working with them is enabling us to quickly facilitate better underwriting decisions

Sarah Brooks, Portfolio Optimisation, Convex

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