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What if you could price with speed, intelligence and confidence?

Imagine if you could banish painful, outdated processes and free the potential of actuaries and underwriters.

If you could make brilliantly informed decisions and improve your loss ratio with real-time data and portfolio visibility at your fingertips.

Welcome to hyperexponential and our next-generation pricing software for modern (re)insurers, Renew.

Start your pricing transformation today...

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hx combines deep insurance industry knowledge and modern software expertise. We are by the market, for the market.
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Harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to work faster and more collaboratively with our next-generation pricing software.
Optio is always looking for ways to embed technology and transform all areas of the business, and the decision to introduce a more data-driven approach to underwriting through hx Renew enables us to harness data, improve our performance, and drive profitability.

Kevin Cleary, Optio Chief Information Officer

hx has been supportive in working with Convex to evolve our data capabilities, and the Renew platform has evolved alongside our business. Renew operates with data reliability, enabling best-in-class service and advanced live insights to the Convex portfolio.

Mike Hansen, Convex Head of Aerospace

One of the challenges of growing a broad, global, multi-platform (re)insurance business is ensuring that legacy systems do not limit our ability to move quickly and respond to new opportunities. hx Renew is a key part of our strategy to ensure our pricing capability remains ahead of our competition as we grow and evolve.


Renew has transformed model development. We are now able to build better models in weeks, which would have taken months in Excel. hx Renew takes away the administrative burden, freeing up more underwriter time to focus on pricing. We can now achieve reporting in real-time if we require, rather than annually as before.

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