Modelling and analytics for weird and wonderful data sets

Bringing together the best software engineers, designers, actuaries and community-makers, hx has created a next-generation platform for complex data-driven decision-making.

About us


hx focuses on the needs of the modern day pricing actuary

Head of pricing, major global insurance company

The Renew platform makes it easy to…

Develop models using open-source tech in a custom-built, user-friendly environment

Deploy to the web, effortlessly and with enterprise-grade security and reliability by design

Use models in a professional, responsive interface which adapts to whatever device you’re working on. Build once, use anywhere

Refine using our in-built deployment framework which handles version control, supports effortless testing and automates the IT heavy-lifting in the release process

Build using the latest open-source technology

Renew uses popular, powerful, well-supported technology including Python, React and JSON. This makes it easy and quick to learn - customers can build impactful models fast, and keep learning as part of a huge, growing open-source community.

We want people to build models in house. We’ve made Renew so easy, any actuary can use it and make it their own.

Michael Johnson, Co-founder

Peace of mind by design

By automating many of the complex functions required to build and host pricing models, Renew provides a secure, reliable and enhanced user experience on top of rock-solid data integrity.