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Pricing decision intelligence for Specialty

Reimagine your pricing workflows to make more profitable decisions

Pricing decision intelligence for Specialty

With a reliance on awkward data and often constrained by legacy tech, Specialty and Commercial insurers face painful pricing processes. hx Renew reshapes the flow from data to decision, helping you build stronger models, underwrite risks with greater insight, and improve combined ratios.

Challenges for Specialty and Commercial insurers

Slow speed to market

Slow speed to market

The timeframe for releasing models can often span from weeks to even months, which poses a significant challenge in a rapidly evolving market. This considerable delay can prove to be highly detrimental.
Difficulty leveraging key data

Difficulty leveraging key data

The datasets Specialty and Commercial insurers work with are often sparse or fragmented, making them difficult to integrate into models and derive meaningful insights from. So, they often don’t.
Poor team alignment

Poor team alignment

Siloed and manual processes limit the effective governance of best practices and compliance. This leaves organizations vulnerable to costly inefficiencies.

How hx Renew helps

Build, deploy, and refine models 10x faster

Build, deploy, and refine models 10x faster

  • Build and iterate models quickly in Python

  • Deploy without reliance on IT or vendor support

  • Reusable componentized model development

Data-driven decisions for up to 6% pt combined ratio gains

Data-driven decisions for up to 6% pt combined ratio gains

  • Built-in data integrations, including in-model MI 

  • Portfolio view for strategic exposure decisions 

  • Live rate change monitoring for better projections 

Reduce quote to bind times by 50%

Reduce quote to bind times by 50%

  • Integrated systems for faster feedback loops

  • Enable automated risk triaging and focus on value-added work

  • Embed parts of underwriting workflows within your pricing model

hyperexponential combines deep industry knowledge and modern software expertise to create a technology firm ideally tuned for the 21st century.

Paul Brand | Co-founder, Convex

We are committed to ensuring value-add pricing is a core part of the underwriting process, and it is crucial that we continuously innovate to make that possible whilst harnessing the power of data and new technology. Our partnership with hyperexponential represents a significant investment in elevating our pricing capabilities.

Simon Cooper-Williams | Head of Portfolio Development & Support - Markel

One of the challenges of growing a broad, global, multi-platform (re)insurance business is ensuring that legacy systems do not limit our ability to move quickly and respond to new opportunities. hx Renew is a key part of our strategy to ensure our pricing capability remains ahead of our competition as we grow and evolve.

David Tribe | Group Head of Pricing - Canopius

How hx Renew benefits the whole pricing team


See how we’re helping actuarial teams 10x their model build capabilities

  • Build, deploy, and iterate pricing models with unparalleled speed

  • Automate data capture while enabling holistic portfolio level analysis

  • Automate testing and efficient what-if analysis for model integrity


See how we’re helping underwriters go from quote to bind up to 50% faster

  • Deliver combined ratio improvements of 3%-6% pts

  • Seamless integration with your tech stack to eliminate rekeying

  • Effectively manage your portfolio with live reporting.

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