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hx Renew certification

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Register with us to take a test focussing on our Core Model Developer or Model Developer API.

Core Model Developer 

The “Core Model Developer” certification is the foundational and first hx Renew certification. It covers all the basics features and the workflow around building and deploying your first model in hx Renew. It recognises exam takers as proficient users of the platform and helps them showcase their skills.

Model Developer API

The “Model Developer API” certification is the first specialist certification for hx Renew developers. Following the foundational “Core Model Developer” certification, this certification accredits the user to have specialist knowledge of the hx Renew APIs.

The hx Renew APIs are a critical feature of the platform and are what makes hx Renew so flexible and customisable. Users who acquire the “Model Developer API” certification are specialists in using the hx Renew v1 and v2 APIs to write to the platform or retrieve data.

Those who pass will earn a digital badge to showcase your skills.

  • Antares
  • Conduit RE
  • Convex
  • HDI