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As a managed SaaS solution, Renew takes care of all your hosting requirements – and you only pay for what you need. We'll work with you to come up with your optimum hosting solution, and the system is engineered to spin up on demand. So whether you’re after long-running, complex simulation modelling or you just want to pop in to check a simple renewal, Renew can handle it.


We can deliver market-leading support thanks to our dedicated customer engagement team and comprehensive development tooling. Our range of service packages means you can opt for exactly the levels of support you need.


If you don't have the time and inclination to build your own models and working with our SI partners isn’t the right fit, our Consultancy team are on hand to help. Our training programme is designed to give you all the insight you need to get up and running fast. Our door is always open so you can come to us with issues or questions related to actuarial science, software engineering or data – the trickier the better.


Regardless of your preference for support, robust security always comes as part of the package. We are ISO 27001 certified and carry out frequent pen testing to give our customers complete confidence in the integrity of their models and data.

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Renew is in a different league to the alternatives. We have been impressed by the speed at which we were able to deploy models – as well as the quality of support.

Stephen Rix, Group Chief Actuary, IGI

We have found Renew to be an excellent pricing and underwriting tool. The Python development environment is intuitive and comes with a load of pre-built insurance features – a big step forward from spreadsheet models which took up a lot of actuarial time to maintain. The user experience has also been very positive, with underwriters appreciating the slick user interface with data validation and underwriting management appreciating the standardised data and audit trail.

Samantha Tanner, Chief Actuary, SCOR

We have been very impressed with the Renew Connect platform and are excited to be able to offer our mutual customers access to high quality geocoding and a comprehensive set of property and perils data directly into the pricing workflow. Addresscloud and hx are both forward thinking agile organisations with deep insurance expertise and a proven track record of delivery to top tier insurers.

Mark Varley, Founder & CEO, Addresscloud

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