AEGIS has partnered with hyperexponential to implement Renew as their new pricing platform.


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hyperexponential (hx) are delighted to announce that leading Lloyd’s syndicate, AEGIS London, is the latest of a growing number of specialty insurers and reinsurers to adopt the Renew platform.

With Renew, AEGIS London will be able to enhance and deploy a significant number of their pricing tools over the next 6 months, covering their main lines of business, promoting consistency, enabling detailed data reporting and helping maintain sustainable profit. 

Working with hx, AEGIS London will be able to enrich their pricing process with third-party sources connected into the Renew platform. Coupled with seamless integration into existing systems, this will drive a streamlining of the underwriting workflow, eliminating re-keying and leading to greater data driven underwriting. 

The next step on this journey is for hx to work with the AEGIS London team on model building using Renew, ensuring the team become self-sufficient, and accelerating the development and adoption of the platform across the business. The use of native python, which powers Renew, not only allows for rapid build and maintenance of the pricing tool landscape, but also provides a future proofed platform for AEGIS London to host further innovations in their pricing and underwriting. 

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